Let-trade Refund Policy Is Wrong!

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  1. i'm making this thread to let everyone know that let-trade is not all that good and also so that i could vent out my feelings towards their refund policy. i personally find it a bunch of BS. why should they take out 30% off of your original payment when in the first place, they have not lost anything from the transaction? right now, they are keeping my money.

    here's the story...i paid them a deposit of $79.99 for a bag that i really want. since i didn't have enough money in my bank account to pay the full price at that time, they told me that i can send them any amount for initial deposit and they will hold the bag for me (worth $699.99). after a few days, i found out that i just couldn't afford the bag and decided to get the lesser expensive bag which is worth $379.99 (which i paid in full).

    let-trade said that i couldn't get back my initial deposit of $79.99, they can only give me back $55 which is 30% off of my original payment.

    why would they do that to buyers like me? it's not about the money, it's mostly the principle that's involved here. i have already made a dispute/claim with PayPal and they're investigating the matter.

    let-trade just lost a customer in me. i will never condone that kind of business practices from sellers like them. i can understand a 10-15% restocking fee but 30%? :yucky:

    even eluxury have 100% refund policy and they sell brand new LV items.

    sorry, just trying to vent out. :crybaby:
  2. i do see your point, 30% is crazy. Considering the bag has not shipped.
  3. Usually the first deposit for a lay away is not refundable, 30% is a not that bad on what you paid. I did a lay away wit the seller rebeccalou and she was clear from the begining.
  4. omg, let trade is not fair. 30% is hideous.
  5. you think 30% off is NOT bad? wow. :wtf:

    well it's bad for me, it's unfair and it's just so wrong. in the first place, they weren't clear about it. i even tried to ask them if it can be applied to another bag, they said it's not possible. what did they lose? nothing. they didn't spend anything on shipping the bag, they kept the bag and my money.

    i just can't agree with their 30% off policy. like i said, i can understand if it they'll charge me 10-15% restocking fee but 30% is too much!!! LV stores give store credit but they don't take 30% off. eluxury is even better, i get 100% of my money back.
  6. It does seem unfair as you still purchased a bag from them and you could be a repeat customer.
  7. The 10-15% restocking fee is on the price of the BAG, not the deposit on a layaway/hold.

    I agree that Let Trade ought to let you apply that money to another bag, but they have been very reasonable with buyers in the past - even coming to tPF to explain and make things right. They often allow returns and don't even charge a restock fee. I don't know why they would not work with you on this.
  8. As my knowledge, first payment of lay away would be 25% up to 30% and it's non-refundable fees~I think they may make separate between lay away and re-stocking fee :shrugs: You'd ask them clearly before you did it. Now, after they took your 30%, you can't do anything since there's no agreement about this system at the first time, I'm sorry you've get it...
  9. :yes:
  10. that's what i kept asking them. i have bought several bags from them already(not lay-away), but they were just inconsiderate. i haven't even asked them to give me discount off of the several bags i bought from them but with this issue (only $79.99 for Pete's sake), they just wouldn't work with me.

    the 30% off, according to let-trade, is a restocking fee.

    @lvgodiva, i don't have any problems with them taking out a percentage of my money but 30% off is just TOO MUCH. do you see the logic? why 30% off when nothing was exchanged, they didn't lose anything. if their excuse is that they lose money because another buyer could've bought the bag instead of me. well, i still see the bag, it's been over a month and the bag is still there.
  11. Yes, I may will feel bad such you feel now if my seller take my 30% but major of sellers always take 25% - 30% non-refundable fees for lay away payment option while we know they didn't lose anything coz the bag still on their hand. I think they assump it's normal when they take your 30% :shrugs: as major of sellers do it.

    They look make separate between your lay away bag and exchange bag. They assump you STOP your installment then choose another bag, they not assump it as exchange. What do you think?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, may you mean they are so upset when you cancel to take that bag while they're a bit desperately or get difficult to sell that bag so they want you take that bag?:confused1:
    Ooh poor bag, what bag is it?
  13. lvgodiva, i didn't quite get what you mean (your last statement). they should at least allow exchange for another bag.

    SELLERS should know IT'S NOT NORMAL for them to take away 30% off the buyer's money especially if there wasn't any transaction done. buyers shouldn't allow sellers to treat us that way.
  14. Yah, it's unfair for buyer but just check eBay, all sellers with lay away payment option will do the same.

    The best way, just ask LT that you not cancel the transaction at all coz you exchange it with another bag.
  15. yes, they may have been upset because they think they could've sold the bag to another buyer. but since i already had it on hold, then the other buyer couldn't buy it anymore. unfortunately, the bag is still there, nobody else wants it. so they couldn't make that excuse on why they have the right to take out 30% off of my money/deposit.
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