let trade question

  1. I may sound dumb..:shame: ...but, is this a website or part of eBay?? I googled it, but can't find it. Also, the bags they have are all used? And no worries about authenticity????? thanks much:love:
  2. Here's the url: Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ let-trade.com ~

    Yep, all the bags are pre-owned (occasionally, there are brand new and unused bags) ranging from fair to excellent condition--priced accordingly, of course.

    No worries on the authenticity. :yes: They're reliable and I recommend them highly!
  3. lol we posted at the same time bernz
  4. oohhh... group responses. Great for recruiting LV addicts.. ;)
  5. I know, I just noticed, that! :roflmfao: When I refreshed the page I was like "wha....?"
  6. that's bc you are both sweet and helpful!
    if i was not eating my lunch, i would have beat you too, but i was hungry....sorry:shame:
  7. thanks so much guys, I'm gonna check it out!;)
  8. Aww..:shame: More props to bags, though--she's probably nicer IRL than I am!
  9. lol..

    bernz, so impossible I am nicer LOL