Let-Trade Question.

  1. Hi ladies. I purchased a bag from Let-Trade yesterday and received an email from pay-pal confirming my payment. I emailed Sales at Let-Trade because I had a question for them. They emailed a reply and confirmed my order and payment and said the item would be shipped shortly. I had another look on their website today and my bag is again up for sale! I have emailed them asking why but so far no response. Has this happened to any of you? I am at a loss as to why this has happened. :confused1:
  2. Are you sure it's the same bag? They do have a brick & mortar store ( I believe) and they see a lot of inventory go in and out. It may just be the same style.
  3. I remember it took them a while to take my bag down from the site when I purchased from lt. I didn't have any problem though.
  4. Thanks ladies. It is the same bag, same item number. After I purchased it, it no longer appeared under "available" but appeared under "recently sold", which makes sense. This morning I had another look and there it was under "available" again. I have sent yet another email with no reply. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.:sad:
  5. What was the item number?
  6. Is it the graffiti? I just noticed that too
  7. No. it's not the graffiti. It is a Speedy 25, item Y38. I bought it (or thought I had) for my daughter.:sad:
  8. I have just received a nice email from them and they are sending the bag out today. There appears to have been some mistake with the website. Whew. Thanks ladies.