Let-trade question

  1. On some of the items on let-trade, they have multiples (x43 etc.) and I was wondering because most of the items are used how do we know what item we are getting from the pictures because they dont have lets say 43 speedies with the exact same patina ???? This intrigues me haha TIA for you responses.
  2. They do?
    I've only ever noticed one of each item at a time.
    I've bought several bags now from them and each time it was the exact one pictured.
    Are you thinking of where it says "v92" "w04" etc? That's the item number I believe.
  3. Yes I believe that is the item number....if there were mutiples it would say so in the title or description. :smile:
  4. yeah..I'm sure it's the item #
  5. Yea...they wouldn't post 43 speedy's at one time - if they did they'd all be snatched up by this board so fast!! Today they posted a nice 30 and 35 although the handles are a little on the dark side for me, but for the price -worth buying - fo rsure!!
  6. I believe it is the item number :yes:
  7. can someone post a listing from let-trade? i would like to see what they have
  8. thank you!
  9. During my first transaction with LT I was worried that the pictures were recycled but after careful inspection I found that they weren't. What you see is what you get! No worries with LT.

  10. Yup. I've bought two itmes from them and they were exactly as decribed :yes:
  11. I have purchased 3 item from let-trade and have never had a problem with them. Item in the pictures is exactly what I received. They also have great prices.:yes:
  12. its good stuff, that let trade.
  13. I have a question regarding to Let-Trade. I was looking for a Miroir Speedy and found it on Let-Trade last week. I also checked on their eBay feedback and found that they were having some issues with a buyer, the buyer left 10 negative messages and saying that the bags he bought from let-trade were not authentic. I have never bought from let-trade before so this gave me a second thought in buying from them. Today I visited eBay and checked on let-trade again, only found that all the negative messages were gone. My question is, is it possible for a eBay member to be able to delete messages from the ebay feedback?

    I know many of you have great experience with let-trade, and I would love to do business with them in the future, please advise and thank you.