Let-Trade question ?

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  1. I just order a bag from them, how long would it take for them to ship to california just want to make sure that i'll be home before DH get it :graucho: . Been buying too much of purses this christmas need to hide them ,lol. Soo Guilty:shrugs:
  2. You may want to do a search about this...but it really varies, it's not up to them, it's the postal service, especially since it's almost Christmas now and I'm sure the postal service is super busy. In october, my bag arrived in about 4 business days and I live in Canada.
  3. :jammin: It will arrived within 3-4 days but since it is christmas season, sometime they may delay. Hope this help.:love:
  4. Thanks, i just hope i get it sometimes this week, just realize DH is going to be home all next week:crybaby:
  5. mine took, i believe 5-7 business days - I know it was over a week from the time i ordered it until I rec'd it. all depends on when they ship it and how it comes throuhg customs - good luck!
  6. Do you have to pay customs?