let-trade question...

  1. How long after receiving notification from let-trade (w/out paying the addl $7.00 for 3 day shipping) do you usually receive an email notification w/tracking info from let-trade?

    "Thanks for your payment and item will be send out shortly." - this is the response I heard from them on the 16th and now it's the 20th and no email with tracking number?

    I sent them an email but wonder what other people's experiences have been...please advise, thanks!!!

  2. I never got a tracking info from them. I just got an item a few days after I paid for the item. I think you have to email them if you actually want the tracking info. They don't provide it if you don't ask for it.
  3. Thanks, they emailed me back and said the order was shipped and I should receive tracking information shortly...maybe they don't get it until the order arrives in the U.S.
  4. Can't wait to see your new goodies!!!:graucho:
  5. i got the tracking number emailed to me a couple of days after i paid. hopefully your item will arrive soon!
  6. They have always e-mailed me a tracking number after the "will be shipped soon" e-mail.
    It's fun tracking it online as it gets closer and closer!
    You can track it as it leaves HK and then you track it using your own country's postal system website (in my case Canada Post).
  7. I bought from them once and did not have a tracking number.
    I did get my package within 5 business days though!
  8. I am still waiting for mine..
  9. Thanks for all your responses, I am only concerned as I am leaving to go out of town for Thanksgiving and I don't want someone to steal my package, bummer ~ I leave tomorrow....maybe i will have to sign something and have to pick it up at the post office? Who knows?
  10. I think we both bought ours with in hours of each other - I'll let you know when mine arrives, let me know when your arrives- hopefully the same day! HA!HA!
  11. I can't wait to see your goodies, it's so fun to see each other purchase
  12. I'm still waiting for my sister's speedy I hope it will arrive soon
  13. I've bought from them twice and both times I received emails with tracking numbers (they were trackable via HK post and Canada Post, in my case). I did pay the extra dollars for EMS though, I believe the other option doesn't have a tracking number :shrugs:
  14. I've always had to sign for my let-trade packages. They have never been left on my doorstep.

  15. sounds good to me....