let-trade question

  1. i know it's no secret that they have a mizi on their site. and i am DYING for one.

    my question is that it only has a button for emails. so i emailed about interest and price. but what next? is it first come first serve.... i totally doubt i was first. blah.
  2. Yes, it is on a first come first serve basis.:flowers:
  3. :cry: aww man. that's too bad. well i did see that he's been selling some mizis, so maybe another one will come soon.
  4. Someone else pointed out to me that its very early in the morning in Hong Kong. Maybe its still available and you'll get a reply in a few hours.

    Also there was a mono mizi with a buy it now price on ebay last night. Do a search and you should find it
  5. Oh yes, he does have Mizis popping up fairly frequently...no harm asking if he's expecting another in anytime soon too, then u can be up for the next if he is...good luck!
  6. actually, i think i read in a thread somewhere about one being up on ebay. i did do a search, but i'm not "expert" enough to spot out fakes! i'll wait a bit to hear from let-trade.

    good luck on getting the oskar waltz... you wanted that, right? i'll be rooting for you!
  7. thanks! if i don't get this one, i'll definitely ask if he's expecting more. :smile: