let-trade? Q

  1. So, i just read about that Lettrade.com site, and it only does LV. I have a MIU MIU that i want to sell, it is a special one, and i don't just want to randomly put it on eBay.

    In the post that i read, you can say what bag you are looking for and it will bring sellers out of the woodwork. So, my Q is, where do i go, to see what buyers are looking for (so i can come out of the woodwork) :graucho:

  2. I post specific items I want on eBay on Want It Now.
  3. They should do something like a wanted section on this forum. I\'m sure there are a lot of people that would be interested in it.
  4. They did do that. It led to lots of problems.
  5. :sad:
  6. I did the want it now section...and got bombarded with fakes....
  7. i didn't know eBay had that! thanks so much! i'll check it out :biggrin:
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