Let-trade purse on it's way from Hong Kong...

  1. Yippee, I rec'd tacking information moments ago...It's been accepted and ready to ship here to the U.S. via register mail!

    Question...like ELUXURY when my Batginolles Horiztonal arrived - where I had to sign, do you know if I have to sign for my let-trade purchase too?

    Curious, if you have had to sign or have they just left your LV at the doorstep.....please advise, thanks!!
  2. One of my let-trade buys was subject to duties, so I got a notice in the mail to pick it up at the post office and pay the charges. The other got delivered by Purolator courier and I had to sign for it. Had I not been home at the time, they wold have left me a notice to pick it up at their pick up station because the parcel required signature.

  3. Congrats...YOu will have to sign the package because LT use international express shipping. If you aren't home, mail man will leave the notice to pick it up and try the second attemp the next day if don't pick it up.

  4. cool..just checked my email, I got the tracking too..
  5. I've always had to sign for mine when they had tracking numbers.
  6. I had to sign for mine as well. They leave a notice on the first day, but you can call up and tell the post office you want to pick it up later...otherwise, they'll try to deliver again the following day.
  7. What did you get? : )
  8. my question is i am sooo tempted to buy from let-trade but alot if the bags dont come with dust bags why is is???
  9. Excellent, congrats - our purchases will be here before we know, HEE! HEE! Happy to hear I am most likely going to have to sign - since I won't be around to sign, I won't worry about it being stolen from my doorstep!!
  10. I got the Mini Looping - as I wanted something small to go out to the bar, movies, etc.. with something that doesn't take up a lot of space like my BH (don't get me wrong, I :heart: my BH)

  11. Sounds good! Can't wait to see pics. :smile:
  12. congrats! can't wait to see your new bag!
  13. wohooooooo how exciting
  14. I'm waiting on a LT delivery too. My first from them and I can't wait!! Congrats to all waiting.
  15. I think it states there is no dust bag in default. Most of the bags that I’ve purchased from LT said that it would not come with a dust bag but, ALL of them did. :yes: