Let-trade offers

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  1. i'm ready to make an offer on an older version of the epi red jasmin..:nuts:
    does anyone know the retail price?

    has anyone made an offer to let-trade? how low can you go? thanks!
  2. I got about 100 dollars off a bag from them. They are pretty reasonable. Especially if its something they've been sitting on for a while.
  3. Yup, offer away! They are very flexible!
  4. I love Let-Trade!! They rock.
  5. Just bought a cerises speedy off them 10mins ago!
  6. did you do it?
  7. I've made offers before but never got $100 off. Most I have ever gotten was free shipping.
  8. I have been eyeing and eyeing that bag, but it is a little too much for my budget right now :crybaby: Lucky you!

    I emailed him and asked how much the fuschia pleaty was and he quoted me 519, inc. shipping, which is good. I wonder if anyone has bought it yet?

    Let us know how that bag looks when you receive it!
  9. Does anyone know how they are with people that have never bought anything on ebay??? I have an ID and a pay pal account but I've never bought anything, it's partly my Husbands fault b/c he doesn't like me buying used for some reason.....even though it can save money.....
  10. i haven't done it yet...i asked them for close-up pics of the interior..
  11. Never bought abything from him, everybody loves him on the pf especially Michelle1025 she is one of his best clients.
  12. thanks, just PM'ed her
  13. So you're the one who bought the speedy! congrats! :yahoo:
  14. wow, congrats! but why is the cerises speedy pic still there?:shrugs:
  15. Have you got a confirmed Paypal address ? I think that's the big thing issuewise.