Let-trade now has weekly specials

Jun 29, 2006
Don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I checked let-trade just now, and on the side he has a "weekly special" up: the pochette dame for 185 instead of 230...maybe that's a new thing he'll be doing now?

Now I have even more reason to check lt all the time!


and u too!!!
Oct 7, 2006
:crybaby: ebay is difficult now. Part of let-trade group move ahead to US. They prepare open the shop there. And Our US account already set up a few year ago, will post auction there soon. :wlae:

Hey there, let-trade...just wanted to let you know that we love your LV's!!! Good luck with your venture in the US!!! You are very popular amongst this board and thanks to this board -I found you!!! Keep up the great work!!!