Let-trade - NEW items, including a Speedy 25 for $319.00

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  1. Just thought I would share that with anyone interested in buying a Speedy 25 - from what I can tell, it's in great condition!!

    ...Don't we just love let-trade!!! I also read on another board on this site that they are coming here to the US!!!!!
  2. There was one listed for $309.99. Is that the one? Is shipping included when purchase from let-trade.com vs. through eBay? I'm interested in this but hesitant because I've never purchased through this person (although it seems like a lot of you have...with good results!).
  3. Let-Trade is incredible and yes shipping is included in the price. I would much rather purchase from LT than from ebay.

  4. ops....my mistake...yes, $309.99 - even better!!! Yea, that's the one, isn't it cute!! I hope someone buys it soon!

    Yea, shipping is already included in the price, which is even better!!!

    Good luck and thanks for clearing up my error!!!
  5. Ditto - Let-Trade anyday over EBay!!!
  6. I have been thrilled with everything I've bought from let-trade!
  7. What is Let Trade? Thank you
  8. ^An authentic LV reseller: Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ let-trade.com ~

    You know what's funny? I can't access the page at home! :sad: but I can view it here at my work just fine...I don't know what it is? I think it's because I have dial-up at home and there is a settings overload...
  9. Are you sure shipping is included? Because I just looked at the listing for the Speedy 25, and if you scroll to the bottom, it says 'fixed $27.99 for world-wide'.

    Also, how do you guys know that Let-trade is authentic? They could've started out selling authentic items only, but now mix authentic + non-authentic items...I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but I'm just very skeptical and suspicious of doing business in HK (my parents are from HK and I've heard horror stories from them, and I've visited HK numerous times as well).
  10. why are they located?
  11. Shipping is always included with their prices on their website. It only says that shipping is extra in their descriptions because they use a template for ebay.

  12. I have seen and felt what was a so-called mirror image bag, and really, if you have ever owned authentic LV, you can tell the difference between the leathers and the canvas. Even my DH, who isn't into LV bags, can tell. The whole myth that mirror image bags pass for the real thing is probably an urban legend passed down from mirror image manufacturers who want people to believe that you can't tell the difference. Think about it--the fakers don't care about quality, all they care about is making the most bucks for the least amount spent to create the item.
  13. wait isnt let-trade on ebay?? or do they have their own site??
  14. hello there:
    I admit many people from hong kong and china selling fake lv. However Hong kong lv reseller NOT NECESSARY selling fake item! Every country fillful of bad and good people, this is same story of selling lv. We are honest people we don't selling fake otherwise people here will tell you the truth.;)
  15. Yes, you're right let-trade. There's good and bad no matter where you go, and in terms of the Purse Forum and Ebay...it seems as if everyone considers you as among the 'good' :yes: Thanks for clarifying!