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  1. hello everyone:
    I think some of you know what let-trade selling! I MUST ADMIT I MADE BIG MISTAKE TO WON FAKE LV CERISES SPEEDY FROM DISHONEST SELLER .dll?ViewFeedback=160004072919&iid=160004072919&frm=1883&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:SID"][/URL] . However we did not pay for that fake cerise speedy since I noticed the cherry is different with authentic one. And espeically she said that is a gift from friend ( this always be excuse for someone who want to sell fake!). She also file non paying bidder warning to me. I report this to ebay too and I hope ebay can remove that auction.
    And all of our lv source is from local Hong Kong, we will not buy from ebay and then resell it , that cerise speedy is just for personal purpose, not for resell. AND THE MAIN POINT IS WE DID NOT PAY FOR IT! EVERYONE CAN feel free to SEND EMAIL TO ASK THAT SELLER IF LET-TRADE PAY HER OR NOT! If you did check our purchase history you should realized that is first lv we won from ebay.
    If I cause you any anxious of purchase from let-trade, please accept my apologies. I am very much regret won that auction and make trouble to let-trade account! :crybaby:
  2. Welcome on broad. I have been checking your site everyday and love your bags!
  3. welcome let-trade!!

    i understand your situation, and you are still my favorite LV re-seller on ebay! keep up the good work!
  4. Welcome to PF, let-trade!:flowers: You will ALWAYS have MY business!!!:yes:
  5. Nice to see you here - everyone here is a huge fan of yours!
  6. Everyone makes mistakes..
  7. YAy! Let-trade is on here!
  8. Welcome let-trade! I'm a happy customer as well!
  9. Hello all:
    Thank you still be on my side! Anyone know Anon? She/he show up on my website and saying some stupid thing , she said all of our merchandise is stolen from press department because we got too many lv item and some is extremely limited. Really made me mad, I cannot talk back because our shop manager will not let us fight back!
  10. welcome, let-trade! :flowers:
  11. welcome let-trade! your firend michelle told us what hapened and talked very nicely about you :smile:
  12. Thanks for clearing things out..you will always have my business..
  13. which website are you talking about?
  14. DOn't worry.

    Welcome to tpf.

    I look forward to buying from you in the future when my money ship does come in :biggrin:
  15. Welcome let-trade! I'm hoping to be your customer soon :smile:
    love, love, love one of the items you are selling right now, just having a hard time convincing my husband that I'll die if I don't get it... ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.