Let-Trade, is there anyway to find out how much an item sold for? (ro)

  1. There are a couple of bags in the recently sold section that I'm interested in finding out how much they sold for.

    Is there anyway to find out?

  2. I ever asked them but they don't want to inform it since much of their customers are reseller ;)
  3. I e-mailed them before telling them I am looking for that particular style and they gave me a range. Goodluck.
  4. It's not like eBay, where you can go back and see the selling price unfortunately....
  5. Yes im always curious to see how much there things sold for too..
  6. I am a little confused, can you negotiate their price or something?
  7. Usually if you're a familiar customer they will give a discount. If not, it doesn't hurt to try.

    When I bought my pink Trapeze PM, I was in Hong Kong already so there was no need to charge me shipping. In the end I paid about $30 less than what LT listed the bag for on his site.
  8. Thank you all :smile: