let trade help please!

  1. i am trying to buy the damier cosmetic case on let trade and my session keeps timing out. i've tried like 20 times. does anyone have any tips? thanks!
  2. It does that for me too. I just email them first and tell them I am about to pay for bag # and that has been fine. Then I just go to Paypal and pay that way. HTH
  3. yup - I've done the same...good luck with your purchase!
  4. you mean just do a send money?
  5. :yes:
  6. Yes - if someone else purchased it before you then you'll be refunded. It hasn't happened to me personally but I've read that from other tPF'ers. He's a reputable retailer.
  7. done! paid for! thank you!
  8. your welcome & congrats! Make sure to take pics when you get it home. ;)
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