let-trade has some great stuff

  1. 1) Baggy PM is special for $779.99 USD
    2) New suhali white cles for $199.99
    3) Papillion 19 is there..forgot the price

    those are what caught my eye...I really wish I had some $$$ to buy the Baggy PM :crybaby:...I dunno though...when it gets converted to CDN $ $900+ for denim baggy is a bit much IMO....unless someone changed my mind otherwise.
  2. White Suhali Cles!!! Me want!!! Me want!!!! :nuts:

  3. get it get it! it looks nice:yes:
  4. you should get it John!!! it's definitely hot!!! can't believe! IT"S NEW too!!!

    wonder if that was a price mistake! but oh well! GET IT!!!
  5. No kidding! I found a papillion 30 on there the other day $260. :yahoo: I can't wait until she gets here! I've been wanting a papillion for ages. My aged speedy needs another vintage friend :yes:
  6. ^^ congrats babydol!!! they have excellent prices there!! i hope to buy from them after I get my azur speedy :smile:
  7. Babydol..what a deal! Was it vintage or the new version??

    John: what's that little nik on the cles?? Is that normal??
  8. that denim baggy pm is a really good deal! i really want one of these in fuchsia, though.
  9. ^^^ I knooow me too!!!!

    but since I'm in Canada and w/ the exchange and possibly customs it'll end up being $1000...so I'm still not sold on it...I'd love to get something from the denim line but not sure what it would be.
  10. That Eye Need You bag is so cute!
  11. i'm not sure....what is the difference? i'm not very knowledgable about vintage items. The pap is item #x64 on let-trade under the recent sales section.
  12. the older version has dark straps and the new version has the reg. straps.
    Too lazy to go check myself:p

    Congrats though, i LOOOOVE paps!
  13. do yoi have a pap? i saw a post on here the other day about a girls CB pap and what she could fit in it, but i know the 30s are a bit larger and i'm curious as to how much I will be able to fit into it.
  14. I have the 2 miroir paps and a reg. mono pap 26..no 30s though..i'm on the hunt as we speak!

    I can fit quite a bit into my 26 so you should have no problem fitting things into the CB. My only concern with it is the flap...they tick me off:yucky:

    Let me know if you get one though..they are quite pretty!
  15. how oft does he REALLY change the item of the week? does it stay a week even if the item sells immediately? and some items seem to have stayed up there for more than a week in the spot.

    i really love the deals that come through there.
    i am trying to decide on a piece right now. I want this piece, but its a little busted up. How much 'damage' can i allow and still buy this piece!?

    love let trade