Let-trade has Groom Agenda in Red

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  1. Yes, I saw that.:nuts: It'll be launch here (Sydney) next Monday (25/9):graucho:
  2. I do love Belt Boy Agenda...So CUTE!
  3. I read they were coming out in October.
  4. I love it :love:

    I'd like to get a cles from this line
  5. a cles too
  6. are u sure lee69?? im so exciting.. :wlae: :wlae:
    i went to the store last week and ask my fave SA but she told me she isnt sure yet..
    im so exciting that it would be released so soon but this definitely would send me broke :hysteric:
  7. That's just too cute. Makes me want one for myself now!
  8. omg that is adorable. I love the red.
  9. Wow.... that color is AWESOME!
  10. So cute and loving the red!
  11. aw, so cute! i want it! :biggrin:
  12. Let-Trade rocks! :heart:
  13. Very cute!
  14. LOVE the red!! :love: