let-trade has another Mono MIZI!

  1. yay.
  2. I always wondered... how are they coming across all these bags???
  3. I think that they sell bags for other people on consignment :yes:
  4. are they really selling authentic bags?
  5. So many tPF-members have bought from let-trade... let-trade wouldn't get away w/ selling fakes.
  6. C'mon, PFers!!! Get it!!!:graucho:
  7. has anyone had any luck contacting let-trade about the mono mizi? i e-mailed them but i haven't heard back from them. i really really really want this bag!
  8. Oh sorry girls, I just wake up so haven't reply email yet.
    For qestioning of sina and Brandedlover, I love to tell you why we have so many lv for sell, because most of item is consignment from local LV client or VIP customer. We have connection with them . We always guranteed 100% authentic, no fake. Hope this help!
  9. I don't see the mizi?
  10. haven't post pictures yet!
  11. oh tony.. i desparately waiting for ur reply please :crybaby:
    i hope its brand new though *finger crossed*
  12. Syd_chic already pm you.