let-trade has an amazing bbag up! rop

  1. http://www.let-trade.com/

    only $659!! someone get it! it's sooo pretty :yes:
  2. Omigosh, it looks like the baby blue! Very pretty! I didn't know that Let Trade also sold non-LV bags.
  3. Gosh, their website is annoying - who uses frames anymore? Anyway, it looks like a pretty dirty sky blue city....but the price is right!
  4. couple of years back he had a pewter city. i regret not buying it now.
  5. it almost looks sad! like you can tell it used to be a really pretty sky blue and has seen better days.

    i'm getting emotional and feeling sorry for the bag, i must be really obsessed now! :p
  6. Thank you people for introducing me to this website. Forget the sad B-bag...I'm drooling over the LV bags he has in stock! :p
  7. I know what you mean, esiders! I have this website in My Favorites and just ogle the LVs on hand...and I'm not really a LV gal, in spite of the DA Speedy 30. ;)
  8. The bag does look like it needs some TLC.
  9. Thnks for posting, Satine112!That's a great price!:yes:
  10. Is it real, though?

    I'm looking at the pic that shows the round rivets on the inside handles, and they're solid. Mine has the notches.

    What are your thoughts?
  11. Pretty, but eek quite dirty. I'm so nervous for my vert now.