let-trade has a mono cles....

  1. hey guys, I've been thinking of getting a cles, but would want a used one so I don't have to worry about it getting dirty and thrown around in my bag, so finally let-trade has on for $90USD but with shipping of $26, I might as well get a new one?!?

    anyway, what CAN you fit in a cles?! keys....Credit cards? bills!? coins?!?!

    and what do you guys think I should do?!
  2. IMO Buy new! That one is not in the best shape! I was thinking I thought the price was a bit high. If it were $50 I would say get it! The new ones are only US$150.

    I fit my credit cards, licence and a bit 'o cash in mine. My keys do not fit in with the cards.
  3. ^^ I agree. I would buy it new.
  4. ooh..thanks for the info syntagma! those were my thoughts too, not really saving much especially for a used...
  5. I'd get a new one, just because you might as well since the difference is so small !!

    And I use one for just cards (I've got 12 in it I think) and a white MC one for cash. It's my "wallet" ! :yes:
  6. yah i think the one on let-trade right now is not the best quality so you might as well get new!
    but then i think let-trade price already includes shipping?
  7. yes, the price on let-trade.com includes the EMS shipping fee.
  8. I've actually been in the same situation myself, but I also think you should go new. I admit that the price is rather high, even though it's still on the cheaper end, but with the used cles/brand new cles on sale right now...it's just not really that much worth it.

    And it's also nice to have something on your buying record from LV, right?
  9. Yep, get a new one from Eluxury...no tax and you get 4% cash back using ******.
  10. ooh yeah, took a closer look at the pictures and the chains are like rusted..icky! thanks guys!

  11. so true!!!!

    LTV: sorry, no elux for me, I'm in Canada!
  12. you can always email via their website and make an offer it cant hurt.
  13. go new for that price...get the LH on your list I have one and LOVE it!!!
  14. Go new and be :smile:
  15. I emailed them regarding the shipping, we'll see what they say, but the chains are really icky looking, I don't even know if I'd want it...it might break off or something..hahha...I'll just wait for something else to come by, not in a big hurry...that and I can't decide if I want damier, mono, azur, vernis frambois...ahh..so many choices!!!