Let-trade has a Cerises on special!

  1. I know i have read that a lot of you still want one, just puting i out their.
  2. Someone should grab these up! :nuts:
  3. Oo very nice!
    Anyone going to get the speedy?
  4. OOH nice!
  5. not me....the handles are kinda gross.
  6. Oh I am going to check this out now! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I love the Cerise line, but the condition of the speedy is not ideal IMO.
  8. I saw some speedies at a bit higher price and in a better condition on let-trade
  9. cute! there is one prototype cerises bag that i am looking at, but its not on let-trade.
  10. OK, how did the 3rd seller you listed get to put 3 LV's up & the rest of us get such a hard time when we list LV's?
  11. It is so cute.
  12. they dropped their price. for the past month-two months they were asking $999. now they want $909, I think thats a tad high for the condition of the bag.