Let-Trade & good experience :D

  1. Hello, just want to share :heart: I emailed them last week ( may on Wednesday ) and asked if they'll be able to locate Epi piece for my mom, now, just 3 minutes ago, they emailed me that they've had it on hand even offer me best price if I purch more than 1, wow :nuts: really appreciate & frankly, I never encountered such this nice & caring seller such them.

    PS: last month I purch almost $5500 LV bags form them and so impressed, they wrap all of my bag ( one by one ) with bubble plastic and restore in huuuuge box, 2 thumbs up
  2. I've just purchased my first item from them and am really looking forward to it arriving:drool:

    Hope to buy more as and when I see something else I really want.
  3. I have never bought anything from them, but it seems that everyone who has, has had a great experience. I do check their site regularly to see what they have.
  4. :tup: Glad to hear that
  5. LT is so awesome...Grace and Tony are such sweethearts!!
  6. Glad to hear of your positive experience. I haven't bought anything from them yet so this is good to know.
  7. I don't know them :p but thought I ever assisted by William anyway, is Lam Sau Kam is Grace? ;) just want to know
  8. ^^ not sure, because the times I've spoken with her on the phone and contacted her through email she referred to herself as Grace.
  9. wow that's so nice to hear. congrats!