Let-Trade ended my special auction

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  1. Usually when I buy through LT I ask them to set up an auction via eBay so I can have a record of the transaction and today when I went to pay for my special auction they had taken it down. Apparently, someone bought the bag on their website before I could pay for the bag on eBay. I am really bummed because the bag was for my sister as a Christmas gift. I know it's only fair to sell the bag to whomever pays for it first, but I was for sure going to buy it and I was just procrastinating.

    Any ideas where I can find mini Mono Francoise bag in blue? I searched eBay today with NO buy-it-nows. :sad:
  2. Karen kooper has a brand new one but it's a dark blue tst
  3. I'm sorry this happened! Unfortunately, I don't know where to get this item....
  4. aww, i was the one who asked him to post it on his site but never went around to get it cause i was so busy =[

  5. :nuts: Thanks for the info! I'm going to try to get that one. Whoo hoo!
  6. Good luck and keep us posted. You're a sweet sis!
  7. Aw sorry to hear that Michelle! Hope you get the one on KK! :biggrin:
  8. Oh..Michelle..sorry to hear that..I hope you will get one..
  9. Here is a pic of the catalogue with the serial number and price, It's the catalog from 2003 though. You can try to locate one but I heard it's discontinued.


  10. I saw the francoise bag in mono mini red last year at LV KOP and it was about $900 I can't believe the price increase .
  11. sorry to hear about this michelle, I will keep looking on Ebay for you. :smile:
  12. bum...that happened to me too >.< they sell toooo fast :smile: