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  1. I learned about let-trade from this forum and have been checking their website quite often. Since there is no description about the condition of the bag I emailed them to find out. By the time I got a reply back, the bag that I had requested information about was already gone. This happened to me on more than one occasion.

    Do you guys just click "buy now" without asking any questions about the condition of the bag or do you guys ask for it to be put on hold? Or do you click "buy now" and then ask them about the condition of the bag? I dont know if Im going about this in the wrong way since I always seem to miss the purchase. I usually like to find out about any flaws but maybe I need to just assume that it is in good condition? :confused1:
  2. They post MANY HQ photos of the bag's every angle. I normally rely on the pictures and don't ask any questions. Any flaws the bag may have are usually captured in the pics. They are prices are so good that if you don't hit BUY IT NOW, chances are some one else would.
  3. i agree with LV_addict, the high quality pictures tell you so much more than the words can! if you like it, just click BIN. :yes:
  4. Also, I have heard of many positive post's that if for some reason there is something wrong with the bag when you receive it that wasn't disclosed Let-Trade has no problem with returning for a refund:flowers:
  5. I don't doubt let-trade. They have a really great reputation. They don't want to lose that.
  6. Keep in mind you can click on the images he provides so you can see a larger view of each image. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to view the larger images. I have noticed if there are more significant flaws, he does usually put that in the description...you'll see this more on the bags he has priced lower. I think with the very best bags it seems like he doesn't bother with the minute details. But his pictures are superb!
  7. Some bags I've looked at had descriptions, some didn't.
    But I agree, sometimes you gotta act fast, or Boom! they're gone!
  8. Im so tempted to buy something else. their prices are unbelievable. I cant believe how cheap some of those bags are.
  9. I go by the pic's they post on their site.
    Everything i've purchased from them has been as posted. If you get something that has marks that havent been disclosed or shown you can email and request a refund or partial refund.I think there was one person here on tPF that did that was satisfied with the out come.

    Good luck!!
  10. Sometimes it takes a while for them to respond because of the time difference.

    If you like an item, I would just do buy it now.
  11. yah their pictures are really great! you can see every detail of the bag when you click to enlarge them!
    can somebody explain to me what HQ means?
    and whats HTH?
    or is there like a little page that explains all the abbr. that you guys use??
  12. an somebody explain to me what HQ means? High Quality
    and whats HTH? Hope that helps
  13. Thank you all for your quick reply. Now that I have all your feedback I can rest assure that the bags are exactly as shown. I agree that the pictures are very good, but just wasnt sure if I needed to be very specific in asking for flaws.

    Now, all I have to do now is to wait for the right bag and act quick!!! :yes:

  14. LOL! Easier said than done...seems like the best pieces get snapped up faster than I can blink!

    edited to add:
    Does anyone know what time of day he typically updates the listings with new goodies?