Let-Trade.com shipping?

  1. OK, for the first time I'm actually considering buying a 2nd hand item. I'm getting convinced that Let-Trade is a totally legit business.

    I am just curious about the shipping. It looks like they use a service called EMS... but I have never seen this company in the US. Are the items delivered by EMS in the US or is it transferred to another delivery company? Basically, who in the US puts the package on your doorstep? And is the status traceable like UPS or FedEx?
  2. Yes, it is transferred to a US carrier. When I purchased something from Let-Trade DSL delivered it to my doorstep
  3. From my understanding, EMS is a type of shipping rather than a shipping company. It is secure and fast (well, fast depending on which country, but in general one of the best shipping methods out of Asia).
  4. Im not in the US, but had a bag sent through to me through EMS from Japan. It basically took three days to get from Japan to Sydney and Im waiting for it now because of the weekend. So I'd also say they are quite fast.
  5. No problems to Canada either!
  6. EMS is an international service where it's trackable.
  7. USPS delivers it to my door when I have something shipped through EMS
  8. I received my bag in 3 days with EMS. USPS delivered it to my door, and on a SUNDAY morning! I was able to track it through Hong Kong post, and after it arrived in the US I was able to track it through USPS with the same track #. HTH.
  9. I received my stuff from Let-Trade in wonderful shape via USPS.:balloon:

    But I did need to go to local post office to pick up as carrier wouldn't leave without a person to receive with signature and mail deliveries here are during workday.

    So - took me a few days to get to PO during day, but worth it!
  10. USPS delivers to it my door :yes:
  11. Here's an example which might make you feel better -- I purchased something from LT on Friday, afternoon Eastern US time --- and it arrived today (Monday) about lunchtime. All my past purchases from LT were great and shipping has always been fast, but this time, blew me away with how fast he got it out the door!
  12. I just bought something from them on Friday night (pacific time) and it arrived today using Purolator in Canada.
  13. that is great to hear. i have been VERY worried and all your comments are comforting.

    i forsee a let-trade purchase in my future :yahoo: