Let-trade.com- LEGIT,right?

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  1. Hi everyone...

    Just wonderng. How SAFE and secure is Let-trade.com?

    I am interested in 1 of their bags but not 100% sure if its safe.

    Some members have recommended me to that site but seriously, does it have a good rep?


    Also, for any1 who has ordered from them, approx how long did it take them to ship to u?
  2. tickle, my friend, let-trade is safe! I have bought from them, and I was very pleased! It didn't take that long!
  3. lol thank you!!! i just really need some reconfirmation!!
  4. a lot of people have bought from let-trade here, and they are happy!
  5. Hi, please remove the blurb about catalogs for sale from your signature, we don't allow that.

    Also, questions like this belong in the Authenticate This! stickies provided in every forum.
    Thanks again!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.