Let-trade batignolles $319!! Who got it, was it a TPF member?

  1. Batignolles vertical.I just went to buy it, but someone already had, wahhhhh :push:so dissapointed I have wanted one for sooo long and it was in such good condition, only a small crack on the edges of a corner of the piping, was barely noticeable.
    So who got it?LOL

    I have never seen one sooo cheap before.
  2. WOW! Too bad it wan't me! ;) That was a steal!
  3. What's let trade?


  4. Ah okay cool, thank you!
  5. why does he wear gloves???
  6. I have no idea if there is any reasoning, my guess is to keep bags in the same condition he got them in, and becauase it looks professional maybe, or maybe they dont like the look of their hands :p LOL
  7. LOL

    Anything's possible! :p
  8. Wow, that's indeed a steal :amazed:
  9. Aww man, I hope someone that will love it got it !
  10. Probably to keep oils and dirt from his hands off of the bags.
  11. It's very popular in Asia. When showing/handling consignment items, the employee wears gloves to keep the item clean. They have this in consignment stores, especially in Japan, as well.
  12. I saw it but I already have a BH or I would have bought it.
  13. I wish I had saw it. I would have snatched it up!
  14. Wow good deal.