Let them eat cake!

  1. I don't know if this has been posted before but ....


    My son's 3rd B-day is coming up - do you think I could convince him to get this cake instead of a 'Cars' cake :graucho:
  2. Do you think it would be tacky or cute if I got a cake like this for my future wedding, and the groom had his version of the cake? I think its really nice.
  3. Very cool!!! Looks delicious!!! Too pretty to eat!
  4. way to pretty to eat! wow! cool!
  5. Awesome!!! I want one for my birthday lol.
  6. i saw the price...$550...
  7. I don't remember what mag it was but they was an photoshoot with all handbag cakes in it they had a floral gucci, classic chanel & miroir alma to name a few any way the article with the photo told of how when they where shipping the cakes the airport security wanted them to open the miroir alma to see what was inside it looked so good he thought it was a real bag :roflmfao:
  8. That is so cute.
  9. If you love it then go for it - Like if I had this at my wedding everyone would say 'Oh this is sooooo you'.
  10. I jusr convinced my husband to have this at my "surprise" 40th birthday party in 3 years!!! You guys want to come?
  11. Save me a piece! ;0 That is a beautiful cake, wow! Something unique.
  12. Wow...where is the bakery that makes cakes like these?
  13. It looks cute actually. Is that a fondant cake?
  14. i want that cake soooooo much!!!
    but the lvs are kinda teensy..
  15. Ohhh, sooo cute! Wonder which one of my daughters I could convince to get this? :graucho: