Let the SunSHINE In! info on Miroir Lockit?

  1. Hi ladies (and gents)...i hope this is the right place to ask this question: was there ever such a thing as the silver (or gold) Horizontal Miroir Lockit? In the bling clubhouse i only saw pics of the Speedies, Verticals, Pochettes, Pap, etc.

  2. No the only lockit was the vertical PM size (and of course the paps, speedies & pochettes)
  3. I would LOVE a gold horizontal!!!! That would be an awesome bag!
  4. That would be a cool bag!!
  5. Nope. It's only vertical Lockit PM.
  6. thanks so much, ladies......and Pursenality, love your name ! lol we are twins!

    and the Alma too in Miroir, girls? what are its dimensions??? i have a new major obsession, a little late, admittedly, but a girl can dream
  7. ^The Alma was the Voyage size, more suitcase-sized than purse sized.
  8. You are welcome. Tee hee ... Yup, yup, we are twins indeed! :yes:
  9. Vuitton Miroir Alma is approx. 19" X 14" X 9". It's more like a travelling bag.
  10. Pursenality, thank you...one final question: (i am deciding tween miroir Alma and Miroir Lockit: (if it can be found, of course, and i think it can - in LA when i go there in 3 weeks :woohoo:) i have the Chanel Coco Cabas black vinyl/patent bag, its huge, about 22" across, they call it, unoffically, the "Garbage Bag" -- if i can carry that comfortably all day on my shoulder, do you think i could do same with Alma? (altho i know Alma is not a shoulder bag)i am used to and adore huge bags...and the Miroir Alma has such a look...omg, i wanna marry it...

    now, the Miroir Lockit PM, is gorgeous but the "PM" part worries me,,,,(1) how petite is PM? in the Bling Clubhouse thread it said about 17"? (2) is that high or wide? doesnt sound so petite to me, sounds perfect...(3) And is Lockit a shoulder bag for a small woman? (4) is the handle drop wider than that of the speedy?

    i know i am going on and on and seem very obsessed and fixated on understanding every tidbit about the Miroir bags...and i know i seem a bit crazy...it would be embarrassing anyplace but here! :shame:
  11. ^Honestly, IMO, the Alma is much too big to be used as a handbag. The Lockit is better, though that will definitely not be able to be used as a shoulder bag, the handle drop is much too short (it's about that of the Speedy like you said).
  12. i consider myself tiny and I cant fit the lockit PM on my shoulders :sad: the handle drop is about the same as the speedy like Rebecca commented.
  13. Here's a pic of Paris and Kim with their Miroir Almas, I'll try to find a pic of someone with the Lockit for comparison.
  14. thanks everybody, and Rebecca, you're a doll for taking the time to send me the Alma and Lockit pics....honestly, i love the Alma LOL - "blingy look-at-me" girl that i am...:whistle:
    am so used to carrying the Chanel Coco Cabas as well as my baby Cabas (which itself is 17" across), that i honestly don't think this will bother me, size-wise. The thing is, it's not costing me anything, 'cause my sister in LA owns one and my mom the other, and i am trading one of my Chanels for either Alma or Lockit weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

    only other thing though, and i promise, the LAST question: is, will the Alma look blingey-ridiculous (i have so many bags that the everyday bag factor doesnt even enter the picture here, i just want to have it for the collection and will wear it maybe a few times a month) while the Lockit would just look blingey-fabulous? lol
    i'm sick...