Let the people decide - what is the next 'in' bag

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  1. Hiya all (i'm new and from London)

    We've seen Le Dix, Paddington, Mulberry Roxanne etc .. they've all
    been super hits with loads of copies around at the moment in the High Street shops .. whats the next big thing .. ? Lets see if we can predict and lets see if we are correct ..
    Please contribute to this discussion .. it'll be fun to see if we're as good as these fashion editors
    Let us know what you think will be hot this Christmas .. Here are my thoughts ..

    [1] Hair-on bags - bags which use leather with the hair on rather then smooth leather
    [2] Bags with fur linings - king of like the Ugg boots - Dior currently have a range of these
    [3] Equestrian saddle bags - Currently Elle is saying its anything to do with county and horses will be massive
    [4] Patch work bags - made from patches of leather
    [5] Studs, rivets and embroidery - bags with a lot of work on them

    Cheers - BagaBoom
  2. THe Novak. that is my pick, and I am on the waiting list already, hoping I can save up enough money before they get it in at Alexander McQueen, LOL.
  3. I want the Novak also. It is so cool.
  4. Who is the Novak by ?
  5. Alexander McQueen. He is so awesome. I LOVE that bag! LOVE it! The red is amazing...
  6. the first one is from rethink pink
    red one is from ppr live

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  7. [1] Maybe buckles, like some designs with Gucci
    [2] Less logo flashing more on subtle logo's (i.e.: Chanel & Dior)
    [3] A lot of exotic trims
    [4] Bold colors, off w/ black & brown. Maybe…loud dark red & so-so?
    [5] Last but not least, the next A list celeb that carries a bag brand that was remotely unknown before. But cost $$$,$$$ & A+ in quality.
  8. Call me crazy, but I've never been a fan of the Novak, love that red though!
  9. Yup, that is a knockout red! As far as the bag, just reminds me of woman in the 50's and 60's (early), when they only wore dresses and skirts. Know what I mean?
  10. Dior is LOVELY this season!!! :smile: I agree!!! :smile: Except for the teddy bear fur bags. Those suck. LOL
  11. I like the red novak , and i usual dont do red
  12. I am really liking the leather bags with the studs. If I could afford it, I would buy all the Bulga medium hobos , the EDE's and the Kooba Chiara bags in every color they offer! I am also loving the look of BE& D bags.
  13. IMO,
    - Anything with hair on (Agree with this totally. Especially those with some type of tiger-family prints)
    - Snake print
    - Lady-like handheld structured bag