LEt thE GaMe BeGiN!

  1. Guess what I got?!! All I know is that I'm in looove!:yahoo: :heart: You will be very surprised.:yes:
  2. Groom Zippy organizer, cles and keyring?
  3. None of the guessing! What did you get??? Cles is one of the smaller boxes maybe?
  4. Groom agenda, cles and a Jack charm?
  5. An agenda?
  6. wallet???
    I dunno, I really stink at these guessing games!!! LOL
  7. the suspense is killing me!!! tell tell tell!!!
  8. Groom agenda and wallet???
  9. Groom Agenda & Wallet? it is already launched here:yes:
  10. Hahahaha! I agree! Just tell us.
  11. Oh come on! Don't play games! I think a wallet, agenda, and cles?
  12. agenda, cles, and inclusion items
  13. your killing meeeee.....
    tell tell!!
  14. Gloom Agenda?
  15. are they empty boxes???? :roflmfao:

    SUPER JUST JOKING :roflmfao: :graucho:

    come on... PLEASE show us the 'MONEY' :wlae: :wlae: :upsidedown: hehehehe....