Let the fireworks begin... I hit the BIN button!!


LOVE is a decision..
Jun 12, 2009
Ladies, I have coveted this handbag for months. I stalked it at the outlets after seeing the reveals here but never even got a shot at it. Today, I read someone's post about watching the "newly listed" items on the *bay for good deals, so I tried it... I saw her and I just had to have it. I LOVE her. If you own this gorgeous bag, I'd love to hear the good and the bad. I will post pics as soon as I get it. Coach Metallic Amethyst Claire::yahoo:

Oct 7, 2009
It's beautiful! I'm hunting for the metallic amethyst Audrey. There was one that ended on eBay today for a great price, but I need to set aside some funds for her first - today was a rather spendy day for me at the outlet. Congrats!!!