let the countdown begin - the DREAM bag is coming HOME!!!

  1. :wlae: yup, my dream bag should be here sometime this week... i'm so excitied!!! :yahoo:
    come on home, Turq 05 First! lets hope it goes through customs with no worries too! :wlae:
    0o00o, i'm SO excitied, i just cant sleep - but i really should head off to bed! LOL!!!
    I'll totally keep u b-bag girls up to date for sure!!!
    WOO HOO!!! the search is OVER - finally!!!

    AND, a special SUPER thanks to all the b-bag sistas that helped me though this ordeal! :flowers: you girls are the BEST!!! :wlae:
  2. I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. i love b first bag.. congratulations!
  4. Wooo Hoooo Helen :yahoo: .
  5. congratts! I can't wait to see pictures!
  6. Congrats, it sounds lovely, please post pics when it comes!:yahoo:
  7. You sound elated - and you should be! What a beautiful bag and it's wonderful how others go out of their way to help! Such a great community. Looking very forward to pictures this week. Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  8. Woohoo!
  9. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see pics of this gorgeous bag!!
  10. Wow! Can't wait to see pictures. :smile: Turquoise 05 is one of my favorite colors! I have a Turquoise twiggy coming on Tuesday. :+)
  11. Yipppeeee!! Go Helen, your dream bag!! After all this time!! Congrats!
    Can't wait to see pics!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  12. Congrats helen, you must be so excited!!! I'm happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  13. I'm so happy for you , HelenNZ!:yahoo: It's been a long time coming! Can't wait to see pics! Yippee!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  14. Congrats Helen! I can't wait to see the pics!!!
  15. Fantastic for you! Congratulations. yummy... Turquoise (I love those beautiful brighter colors in the First size too). We'll be anxiously awaiting your pics! :smile: