Let The Countdown Begin! Reveal PICS Pg. 9!!!! Must See!!!

  1. Right, then, ladies, who wants to keep me company? I was expecting a very special delivery this week only it took ages to clear the customs and now won't arrive until Monday. The wait is driving me up. the. wall. :hysteric:and I need something to distract me!

  2. Me too! Fedex tells me the package is waiting HERE in my city, but won't be delivered until tomorrow!!! GAH!

    I HATE the wait!!!!

    I'll sit it out with you, Loony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wanna cup of tea? Or something stronger (it's 8 in the morning, here!)
  3. Thanks GF! Mine's in the same city too, Mr L is away or I would have made him drive me to the depot and pick it up myself :push:

    It's 23.30 on Sat night here so I have a bourbon and coke. And, evidently, no life.

  4. i'll sit with you too, surprisingly enough :lol:

    i'm so excited to see it :nuts:
  5. Ohhh, I'm a Bourbon & Coke girl, myself!


    Hey....if the depot was open today....that's exactly where I'd be, too!

  6. for that package i might actually have risked getting caught driving without a licence :nuts: (i do know how.. i just.. haven't bothered to get it yet :shame: )..

    actually i would probably have taken a taxi :lol:
  7. OK...Im waiting with you!!
  8. annanas! You must get a licence! The freedom! Oh, but I'm just not a very good Public Transport person......LOL!
  9. HEY! Aren't we waiting for YOU, too???:nuts:

  10. i'm not very motivated, i've lived in london since i was 11 :lol:

    you get charged £8 a day for the dubious pleasure of driving here :push: (i hated every second of lessons).
  11. ^ and the transport in London is so much better than we have here....I don't blame you for not bothering!
  12. and the price of petrol here is :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    i *should* really do it though, considering that when there's nobody else going out to our island in finland i have to take the bus :roflmfao: and with the price of bus fares there i might as well drive (i did some internet research and bus fares in finland are comparable to airplane fares in south america :wtf: :lol: ).

    but LOONY is the one who should really learn how to drive :lol: considering where she's gone and moved :devil:
  13. You are starting to sound like my boyfriend :lol:
  14. :lol:

    he probably doesn't complain about you moving there though :p
  15. No, that's what I do :shame: