Let the competition begin

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  1. In a mad moment, Jo and I, and now Klp, decided to have a competition to see if we could last until Dec 31 without buying another Mulberry.
    The competition starts today and this will be the thread where we'll come if we're wavering, suffering an extreme dose of bag lust, or have something to own up to. Wish us luck!!

    Please also be aware that we will probably become enablers extraordinaire!
  2. We'll all try our best to help you stay on the sofa.

    This should be fun :supacool:
  3. Is this the same SJ that I am meeting at SM tomorrow?

  4. :roflmfao: OMG!
  5. ^^It is! One way to strengthen my resolve eh. And I have a £200 voucher. I laugh in the face of temptation!
  6. :faint:.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Omg, SJ, what are you going to do with that voucher?! I know - save it to use when you find your mother's fuchsia Mabel!
  9. ^^That's my plan. I need to get rid of it or else it'll be burning a hole in my pocket.

    My tactics are going to be re-decorating the house from top to bottom to keep my mind off bags. This could prove an expensive competition, DH is already going pale at the thought!
  10. ^^:roflmfao: Your poor DH! Well, at least it will be fun for you!!
  11. ^^Exactly. I get the fun planning & he gets all the painting.
  12. Right girls - the rules!

    1) NO and I repeat NO sneaky purchases! :nogood:
    2) NO presents from hubby's allowed if they have been 'basically purchased by you but you've said that it can be a present from him for Valentine's or something!":nogood:
    3) NO Mulberry means No Mulberry keyrings, purses etc etc. :nogood:

    You need to agree whether, if you sell a bag and the price you get for that bag covers completely another bag, it counts or not. Does it? :shrugs:

    IF you can complete this challenge, without a hitch at all, then we (your PF friends) MAY allow you to buy something (just 1 thing) at the Summer Meet! :girlsigh:

    NOW you're scared aren't you?:police:
  13. I think that there should also be a rule that prevents other tpfers purposely putting either of the contestants under undue temptation.
  14. SJ, I was going to say that I'll come over and help out as I love the painting part of decorating! But I remembered that you live near Shepton Mallet... I've never been there so it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to go anywhere near the place!
  15. I think we're pretty save with Jo but SJ, well that's a different matter! :roflmfao:

    I think we should phone SM and tell them that on no account should they let SJ in the door! - no phone orders either.

    Remember, just because you don't post on the forum that you have a new bag :whistle:, don't think we won't know!: