Let the closet purging begin!!! I feel great!!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Just wanted to follow up from a post that was about a month ago:

    I felt like complete crap... I kept accumulating, and not using - rinse, repeat, etc. You get the idea. Well, something finally snapped this week!!! I just got to the point where nothing was clicking at PCE, and I was looking at some of my bbags and wanting to exchange colors... so I finally decided I had to stop thinking about it, and start ACTING on it!! - Let the closet purging begin!!!

    I have officially started listing some of the things that I am not using, and even a few things that I didn't expect to be listing!! I feel great!! I feel like I'm gaining control, and actually looking at things to be useful - not just to be "buying" things!! I think the change in weather has definately helped. ;) I just hope this "sticks"...

    We're not out of the woods yet, by any means though... I have spent alot this week at PCE, and I am struggling with whether I should replace my bbags AFTER I sell the ones I want to sell, or just go ahead and get the new ones to not risk them selling out... But then risk not being able to sell the old ones!! I am holding off on the white Coach bag I was thinking about, and I'm going to "reward" myself after all this purging is complete. (If all goes well! I know, I know - I should get it this week while its on sale, but 25% be darned!! I can't keep "rewarding" myself BEFORE I actually deserve the reward!! :p )

    At any rate - for right now, I am keeping the pond shoulder bag, and I am going to get rid of a few older Coach bags I have, including my "first Coach". I finally feel like I can pass it along to someone that will use it, since I am not using it anymore...

    Anyhow, just wanted to follow up and let you know that I think it is going to be OKAY!! Has any else had the urge to start cleaning out things?? I don't know whether it is the "Spring Cleaning" vibe or what!! But this closet purge has made me feel GREAT so far!!! :yes:

    Now... I need to do shoes & clothes next.... :graucho:
  2. Good for you, B4B! I have been doing this same kind of thing myself and it really does feel good. I had a lot of bags that I was keeping just for the sake of having them and that's just silly. Also, I often find myself with things that I bought just for the sake of buying something. Those are always the things I seldom use. I am especially guilty of that when I go to an outlet store. I have to travel a couple hours to get to one so I feel sort of obligated to buy something once I get there. I decided a couple weeks ago that I am only going to buy things that I love. I am just not going to allow myself to buy things because they are on sale or are a good deal.
  3. GOOD FOR YOU! And the best part is that you feel good about it!
    I've been doing some spring cleaning as well and listed several things this last week - now fingers crossed that our stuff sells at a good price!
  4. It feels that I am always cleaning out my stuff, especially my closet and re-organizing everything. Congrats, it is good to purge yourself of things you do not need, then you can purchase new things. ;) I would try to sell them at the same time as you buy; just buy things that you know will you use. I think as long as the bags you are trying to sell are in good condition, etc. they should be able to sell. Just list them somewhere, I do not know your favorite buying/selling website; but they should sell, don't worry.
  5. Good luck in your purging and sales. Hopefully, you rake in a bundle. You should buy your reward during PCE to save 25%, but don't take the bag out until your selling is complete.
  6. ^ :roflmfao: LOL... on now COME ON beanpolejd - I really don't need any encouragement in that area!!! :graucho:

    Anyhow... it is great!! I feel good, and all of these things that I had laying around new or practically new in my closet, need to go to new homes!! I want a functional wardrobe, not a bunch of clutter!!

    Thanks for all of the encouragement mokoni, kidlearner, tigerdrago28, & beanpolejd... I am going to think about it this morning, but I think that is what I am going to do... List the items that I am going to sell, and buy the new ones in the same day. I agree that if I put them on for a reasonable amount for their condition, they should sell (hopefully!)... I am just slightly afraid of buying a whole bunch of new stuff, then NONE of my "to sell" stuff sells!! Then I have ALL of it... That is my nightmare scenario. (Because DH would KILL me...) I hope its not really likely though...

    :smile: :smile: :smile: Still feeling really good about this!!!
  7. ^^ Good for you B4B!!! I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well!! Congrats on your closet purging and I hope your stuff sells quickly and without a hitch!
  8. Good luck.
  9. Wow, good for you! That would be so tough for me to do! Have you found any sort of job yet? I'm still looking. There just aren't jobs to apply for in michigan it seems. I'm giving myself a year then i'm changing career courses...
  10. So proud of you B4B! Way to go!
  11. I'm doing this with my non designer bags. Most of them have tags still! It feels good! I still do have a lot of designer bags though!
  12. Well,.... we had a slight change in plans. My DH really knew how much the job search was getting to me, and he wanted me to focus more on the graduate school aspect of things. So, after sitting down and talking about it last weekend - I am putting off the job search until after graduate school begins (in May), and after I know the results of my graduate assistantship application. Then, after I am comfortable with grad school, etc... I will start looking for a job... His main concern is that I don't overload myself, and lose sight of what is going to be good in the long run - which I have to agree 100%.

    This job market here is tough, there isn't really anything here in the business market, unless you have a master's (even then, its not stellar!!) - his thoughts were, he didn't want me to take a crappy job now and jeopardize my focus off of graduate school (which will hopefully lead me to even better jobs in the future)!! So I guess it is a change in mindset as well...

    Thanks TL & willowsmom - you really helped me out alot with my freak out that day!! It took me this long to finally take action on it, but I have been sitting here listing all morning - and feel great!! :yes:
  13. I started the same thing around my house this week too. I went out and bought a lot of those canvas bins and have been working on the office and moving to my closet next. I have started making the to do list for our house since we have lived there a year and a half it is time to start some renovations.

    I ordered my new dishwasher yesterday.

    Maybe we can all start a small support group and give ideas for when we hit the wall and get unmotivated.
  14. LOL... that sounds like an idea since it seems to be a small trend going on!! It seems Mokoni, kidlearner, tigerdrago28, and you would all be a part of it so far!! ;)

    I am also in the midst of sorting out house decor as well - so I've hit more then one type of wall along the way!! (Me not liking something, DH changing his mind and deciding that we really DON'T need more furniture :rolleyes: , me not having the motivation....)

    Alright, well so far this morning I have listed 4 bags & 1 wallet... I have at least one more to list and I'm going to go find more of them...

    Then - this afternoon, I get to order my new ones!! (But I promise I will have MORE going out, then coming in. :yes: )
  15. That is a great idea bag4B, it is better to have a small collection of bags that you truly love and will use. I am going to do the same thing with some of the bags that have just been sitting in my closet. I hope everything goes smooth and you get a good price for each bag!