Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

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  1. My little chihuahua gave birth to two little boys October 12th,thought I'd share some baby pics.This seems to be their favorite sleeping position:lol:.Everyone is healthy,happy and the boys are growing like weeds.
    P1050902.JPG P1050914.JPG P1050922.JPG
  2. Oh my god...they are just the cutest!
  3. heart *explodes* with cuteness!! cutest ever!!!
  4. AWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~~~so cute!!!!!
  5. They are so teeny and cute!
  6. Cuteness overload! Momma is so beautiful and the babies are precious!
  7. they are all so beautiful! Congrats on happy healthy pups!
  8. they are so adorable ^_^
  9. So sweet- the gray puppy looks like he has a chubby little belly- really cute!
  10. Thanks everyone,they are sweet little guys.We haven't named them yet,want to give that a bit more thought.
    They are begining to get their sea legs and attempting to walk so to keep them from getting underfoot and safe I purchased a play-yard from target over the weekend.Once they are bigger I'll cut them loose in the den and utility-room.Not looking forward to the potty training but it comes with the territory,hope they catch on as quickly as their momma did.
  11. OMG, they are TOO cute! Isn't fun watching your pups grow day by day. My cat had 2 litters already, her last was born on September. The babies were so tiny, and now they are already like a pro, running and climbing everywhere.

    What are you going to do with them? Are you keeping them? Me, I cant bear letting any of them go, I watched them from day 1.. I dont think I can survived the heartbreak.
  12. It's amazing how fast they mature and fun to watch their progress along the way.We plan on keeping both pups.The mom will be getting spayed once the boys are weaned and her milk glands have dryed up and the boys will be neutered.As much as I love animals I've reached my limit in the pet department,this will bring the total to six.1 female Chihuahua,2 male Chihuahua pups,1 female Min-Pin,1 female Ragdoll kitty,1 female Himilayan kitty ,thank goodness they all get along well with one another :sweatdrop:.
  13. My Chi likes to sleep in that position too :lol: They're are soooo adorable!!
  14. How adorable is that? When my chi is super tired, he sleeps like that too! So freaking cute!!! Thanks for posting the pictures!
  15. OMG they are so cute and tiny!!!!