let see some BV bracelets!

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  1. Hey! This is gonna be my first post here.

    I was wondering how many BV luver bracelets here? What color do you have?
    In here HK, almost see them in different colors in the wild everyday:drool:

    Here are couple pics…

    and featuring BV cell phone string (is that how it calls?)
    I have the long one, but the short one also very nice:wlae:


    what color of bracelet do you have? let show em':yahoo:
  2. Ohh those are beautiful! I've never seen the bracelet on a wrist before - I love it now!!!!
  3. yeah, those are nice. i didnt know the tag was made from 925 silver. it's kinda bit more luxury :P

    right now i have brown, black, and thinking about getting a light-brown one...:drool:
  4. I Love the green one. How much is that?
    Where can I get one in the US? - I can't find it in their website.
  5. maybe you can find at BV store.

    i live in hong kong and all five stores have bracelets and cell phone string. Those bracelets start at HK$1030 which’s about US$130.

    go visit BV store, they have many different color and length. try them on!!:yahoo:
  6. LOL I had no idea about the silver tag either CX827!

    Now I have to add getting one to 'the list'
  7. Welcome to tPF, CX827!

    You're def rockin' your bracelets! They're such a different feel from the silver bracelets from the ones that have already been posted here, but equally as cute! :yes:
  8. I've never seen those bracelets before either and I must say that I love them. I think, like dervilfal I will be adding one to my 'list'. I like the Black One.

    Do they all have the Silver Tag on?
  9. Thank u Nymph,

    The silver one also nice, but I am more into leather. ya know BV’s leather…:drool: Incredible


    Yea! They all come with the silver tag. Those bracelets have been on the market for more than two years. And also have different style, the green one I post above is single string and the brown one on the wrist is double.
  10. CX827 thanks.

    I am definately going to look into getting one.
  11. Very nice and welcome CX827! I saw my SA has a double strap metallic grey one from previous season. Very cool indeed and super rugged! :supacool:
  12. Ohh I love that bracelet on!! Looks stunning!
  13. I know who your SA is! :graucho: He's a doll :biggrin:
  14. He is quite a cutie (hunky too) ;)
  15. :graucho:
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