Let' s play--Pokemon and LV

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  1. I am very lucky to get my Picachu at the 5th Ave. Store ....and then I think it will be a lot of fun to start a thread here and we could share the picture of Pokemon and LV:smile:
    Here I go first :

    And the second picture is at my local cafe store! And my PASADENA is with me today!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468704024.021247.jpg
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  3. More importantly, that's a beautiful bag! The Pasadena doesn't get much mention on TPF but I think it's such a cute bag. For some reason every time I'm about to pull the trigger something else catches my fancy. How are you enjoying yours?
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  4. Lovely Pasadena, aimeng! :smile:
  5. Thank you! And I love my Pasadena! I fell in love at the first sight when I read the thread"2016 new bags" and got one right after it came out! It is a worry - free,light weight, chic little bag, easy to match all of my clothes! Both dress up (on hand, arm and shoulder)and dress down(crossbody)
    I have to admit it is a small bag! Only holds my small card holder, key pouch, a compact , a lipstick and 6+! But that' s all I need on weekend!
    The only complain is the flap cannot be widely(completely ) opened due to the handle! So not 100% easy to get things out and in..... But it is not a big issue!
    I love love love it and I have received a lot of comments while I was shopping in luxury brand name stores(Chanel, Hermes) the SAs all said it is a glorious bag! They all asked "Is it a new style"?
    Well, I don't know why it is not that popular....maybe there price is a little bit high to such a small bag? Maybe people think the turnlock is too big?
    But I do enjoy that this is not a "common and popular" bag.....and I love the big turnlock!
    Hope this will help you! And I have some other pics to share with u
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  6. Thank you
  7. No one play Pokemon here?[emoji15][emoji33][emoji28]
  8. Your Pasadena is gorgeous! I don't play but DH does. It took us about 15 minutes to walk across a shopping plaza because he had to stop so many times along the way to get a character, etc. LOL
  9. love your bag ... have no idea what this game is but I do know In the past week or so have almost hit a couple of people on my bike as they not looking at all where they are going and stop in the middle of the path...been quite dangous:hrmm:
  10. Thanks
  11. Thanks and it is a game using the gps and your camera, and you catch he Pokemon outside.... People has to be watch out when they play!!!!
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468719193.401810.jpg
    This is the Pokemon I caught on fifth avenue:P and I had the Metis with me that day!
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  13. Hysterical. Pokemon and LV - a match made in heaven. :lol:
  14. My toiletry pouch 15 is inside, does that count :P


    Also a pikachu right by the LV in King of Prussia!

  15. So cute! And love your Bag!
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