Let my favorite Vintage bag get away on ebay:(

  1. I'm SO dumb. I was stalking this auction, and I'm still new to eBay, so not GREAT with it. I didn't enter my absolute maximum bid, and someone outbid me with 12 seconds to go! It's not a very popular style (although I just recently started looking for bags on eBay after realizing they could be authenticated here), and there was only one bidder before me (and I beat their maximum bid, so I figured no one else was watching it). Usually Gucci Vintage bags have so many bidders, that I just assumed this one wasn't as highly desired so I didn't enter the maximum I was willing to pay as the maximum bid. I entered my max bid about 3 minutes before the auction ended, and up until RIGHT before, my max bid was about $25 over what the current bid had been, so I assumed I was safe. stupidstupidstupid. My max bid was $101.51, and the winner won with $101.56 (with 12 seconds left, so I didn't have time to bid higher). $.05!!! How does that even happen? This is the bag:
    There's another one up on eBay, but it's in awful condition. Is there a way to restore these if I wanted to purchase it? Have you girls seen these bags around on ebay before? Do you think I'll get another chance at one?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. Oh no! I know how you feel! This has happened to me 3 times before and I couldn't sleep the night after because I was so mad. Twice was because of a MEASLY dollar and the first time was $2. I hope you will be able to find another one of your dream bags soon
  3. chelsssea try using www.esnip.com thats how the bids appear in the last few seconds and someone sat at the computer doing it maunally cannot beat it!

    Also its worth looking on ebay.uk as the vintage Gucci is not as popular here and goes for half the price of ebay.com
  4. Aww I am soo sorry... seems like a coupla members here were bidding
  5. I know how you feel.. I think often times the other person didn't actually bid a dollar or two more but maybe bid a LOT more and that was just what their price ended up being. It doesn't go up to the exact number you put in, but less... sometimes a lot less, I'm not really sure. So maybe someone put like $200 as their bid but eBay had the price only bump up that much. I could be wrong but they didn't necessarily bid only $2 more for example... they just won it for that much more.
  6. This happen to me too but i tell myself that a better one will come along and this was not meant for me...:tup::yes:
  7. *gasp* designermummy that link that you posted. omGoodness. i thought there were people out there not really bidding (using a program) but didn't know for sure. once i lost something in the LAST SECOND. grrr now i know how. :cursing:
  8. Sorry that happened.....I also love vintage Gucci. It's so tricky w/ bidding. Sometimes an item doesn't look like it will get alot of bids...then POOF...it just explodes. Very frustrating!