Let me tell you a story !!


Jan 17, 2009
Well as many of you know Hermes is a complicated brand, that just happens to make the most, in my opinion, perfect and beautiful handbags. Point is I was offered a 30cm birkin in ostrich that was after some deliberation and tpf help, perfect !!. As I go in to the shop and ask to purchase the bag I am given this absurd story that made no sense to me, point is they would not sell the bag to me.oddly enough my Sa was nervous, and as I left, said as soon as I get anything,anything just like it,again I will reserve it for you no problems this time.
To me when something does not work out it means it was not to be. in the end it was probably not the bag for me. As We continued to travel I asked around at H boutiques and well ........ Did not exactly find anything that was perfect, truth be told I had my heart set on an orange and gold ostrich....... But.......... As I walk in to a boutique one day, and ask the "question" would have a birkin or Kelly in a bright color??? the nice SA smiled and as thought he was going to say sorry but no .... He says I think I might !!! He goes back comes to me in a flash and says here you go ......... As he opens the bag my heart pounds it was not ostrich but it was blue it was Mykonos blue all Mykonos with GHW perfect non veiny Togo perfect heat stamp no bleeding not pushed just beautiful after a fiasco with white and blue Mykonos and blue Jean my favorite bag of all time that I never found again this bag just said it's meant to be as I put it on my fiancée comes in after his own shopping at the mens area and says you have to have this bag and hands the SA his credit card he said I know this bag is for you it just clicked its just perfect perfect and so it is a birkel perfect bag in all senses symmetry pores grain HW color heatstamp size fit look the whole thing is just beyond beautiful !!!!!!!!! And so this is my story no ostrich this time but I think this bag is so much more so me and so I have decided to leave all my H bag shopping to chance no more orders no more waiting I'm done this is my ultimate bag there is something about it !!!!!

And I just wanted to tell you all this bag reminded me of a nicer time at H and also confirmed there is still a chance to walk in and find THE PERFECT BAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always all the best BIRKEL !!!!!!!


Jun 17, 2011
what wonderful story birkel! thanks for sharing...any reveal pics??? mykonos with ghw sounds divine...
Feb 10, 2007
Oh Birkel, Darling Birkel, I came from errands and just glanced at the computer screen, and now I know why!!! To beam with delight at your find, your story, your boyfriend, your new soul-mate bag!!! Congratulations and what a LOVE of a boyfriend! I am soooo happy for you. I am glad you did not focus on the ostrich disappointment. Your perspective is right on perfection and it clearly was your positive energy that got you mykonos baby!! I look forward to pics soon???


Hermes fever
Mar 1, 2011
Wow!!! I'm so happy for you, what a wonderful story! Your DB is so generous and supportive! Fantastic dear Birkel!!


Jun 17, 2010
Lovely story, thanks for sharing...very happy for you Birkel. Congrats.

Pictures? :woohoo:


The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
I like the ending of this story even better than if it had been orange ostrich. You both picked it out and that means quite a lot. Congrats! Please post a picture!


Sep 25, 2011
Looks like you've bene rewarded for Being so wise ! Great story and great ending ! Would be thriller to see pictures of THE ONE.

Congratulations !