Let me spread the Spontini love! (Bag and Modeling pics)

  1. I am sure not many of you have hit up our NJ meet thread (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-tpf-meetings/nj-meet-or-ny-126423-11.html#post3335428), but a group of beautiful ladies (not that the gorgeous tPF guys weren't invited!) got together this past Sunday at Short Hills Mall to get to know each other, have lunch, talk LV and buy LV :nuts: !!!!

    dcooney4 got a Damier Pap 30 that looked yummy on her and I got the little talked about Spontini! (Yes, I believe someone in this forum wrote about how much they loved their Spontini...perhaps it was Noe Noelie?)

    Well, I think it is time for Spontini's reputation to be hit up a notch! I have fallen for this chic, modern bag in a big way! Perfectly polished for the office! I just love :heart: her elegant, square silhoutte.

    For your viewing pleasure and to show what a versatile bag she is, I am including pics with and without her removable shoulder strap!
    Spontini-hand-held.jpg Spontini-long-strap.jpg Spontini0.jpg Spontini2.jpg Spontini1.jpg
  2. It's so cute!! I love the shape too! Congrats! Sounds like a fun day!
  3. Very nice! Sounds like yall had a great time!
  4. Sounds like the meet was a success! oooo and this spontini is super cute!
  5. Looks good on you. I'll admit I've never looked at this bag, but your pics are very convincing. I love it with the charms! Congrats!!
  6. I love your new bag and the charm..looks great on you
  7. what a cutie! and i mean both the bag and you! :biggrin:
  8. Love it, it's such a versatile bag!:tup:
  9. Nice bag!!
  10. Always loved that bag...looks wonderful!
  11. I should have went!!! Next month we will plan something!!! LOVE the spontini!!!
  12. Congratz! I really like her "squareness" and it looks like a very comfortable bag to carry.
  13. Love it love it :nuts: :yahoo: Looks totally chic on you :nuts:
  14. It looks great on you! :tup:
  15. It is so cute.