Let me show you my new shoes....

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  1. As you may or may not know, Coach shoes are 100x more tempting to me than the Coach bags. I love how the bags look, but I'm super picky about my purses & can't afford to buy new bags that often. Since shoes are so much cheaper (HA!) & I LOVE shoes, sometimes I just can't help myself! :P I had been eyeballing these guys since before Christmas & after coming to the conclusion that Dillards is obviously NEVER going to mark them down, I decided to take the plunge! I live in the SE & we've already had one 80 degree day, so no doubt everyone is going to get summer fever before long & I was afraid they'd get gone for good! I've yet to see them on ebay so I'm glad I got them! Plus I paid CASH for them-YAY ME!!!:yahoo:Oh, btw....their name is "Faye".

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  2. Very cute!! I wonder if any of my stores have these? Hmm I'll have to go take a look! See what TPF does to you LOL!! I just bought myself a pair hehehe! You can never have enough shoes and purses!
  3. Congrats, those are too cute!
  4. Thanks! The only place I had seen them, in my area, was Dillards. I have a Nordstrom, Macys, Belk, & Dillards plus the boutiques to choose from & the closest match I saw was at Nordies. But theirs were the "Jewel"-the ones that are embossed on the heels & have almost a khaki thin stitching on them. I loved these b/c I like the sig fabric with the slight sheen (like the Jillys & Katelyns). But I wish you luck finding them. :woohoo:I feel sure that if Dillards would EVER put them on sale they'd turn up all over ebay.
  5. Those are super cute!!! COngrats!
  6. Too cute. I haven't seen these in stores.. are they even online?
  7. nice! Congrats!!
  8. Great Coach sandals!! They look very comfortable to wear and I'm sure that you'll enjoy wearing them all Spring/Summer long.
  9. O:huh::huh: I love how sparkly they are!!! Hot find! Congrats on finally getting them :smile: they will look fabulous with any bag I'm sure!
  10. those are so cute!!! :tup:
  11. love them congrats
  12. Oooo...those are CUTE!!! :tup:
  13. Very cute! The black signature is my fave.
  14. Love your shoes!
    Coach shoes = just as tempting as coach bags.
  15. Cute shoes, congrats!