Let me share my sad story....

  1. You guys will not believe is, but at least I know you will share in the horror! The other people I've told do NOT understand why, 2 weeks later, I'm still horrified when I think about it!:wtf:

    About 8 years ago, I worked retail in a dept store. One Christmas I bought both my parents Coach wallets. Nothing fancy, just simple leather wallets (this was really before EVEN signature was a big deal). The previous Mothers Day I had also bought my mom, with my discount, the plain black Legacy Zip, with the fabulous thick, soft leather & the strap that was so long that the bag hit around her hip. So anyway, I thought a black leather wallet would be a nice addition to the bag. She loved it (they both did, really) & carried it nonstop. She traded out the bag with her sig. duffle that I bought when sig became the big thing, but the wallet remained. I hadn't paid much attention to it until 2 weeks ago, she pulls her wallet out of her bag at dinner & I notice its a Tommy Hilfiger. I'm like, ok, where's your wallet? She tells me that the lining in the coin purse ripped. I say, well I'm sure they'll fix it if you send it back or give you a credit or something. Coach stands behind their stuff. That afternoon I just happened to be at the mall (imagine that?:p) so I stopped by Coach. They said, yes they can send it in & if the whoever can't make the lining up to standard, they will more than likely give my mother some type of credit towards a new one. Just as I thought!:woohoo: I pull out my cell, call her & tell her I have great news. I tell her what they will do & she starts bawling. I'm like, 'huh?' She tells me that when the lining ripped she THREW THE WALLET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, IN THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:I'm so stunned I nearly dropped my phone! She says she never dreamed that they would fix it, so she just got rid of it !!:cursing: I nearly had a stroke!!! Whats done is done, but when I think about that fabulous, classic checkbook wallet that cost me nearly $200 8 years ago AS A GIFT, being thrown out with the trash, I simply cannot believe it!!! This is the same person who kept every picture I ever drew!!!

    Anyway, just typing it is painful, but I just thought I'd share. Needless to say, when I was in Coach this afternoon trying to find a replacement (I'm such a good daughter LOL!) both of the SAs that I told nearly fainted!
  2. OMG!!! You're so nice to buy her a new one!!
  3. Oh my gosh, that is a sad, but kinda funny story. I guess to a lot of people it wouldn't seem like that big of a deal but us fellow tpfers understand. It really is amazing that after that many years they still stand behind their products. It says something about Coach don't you think?
  4. Yeah, it IS kind of funny; my mother even chucked thru her sniffles when I made the comparison to "every picture I ever drew". I don't know what she was thinking, but she'll definitely know now that Coach stands behind their products, no matter how many years it was! I remember hearing, again sometime about 1999, when Hurricane Floyd hit the eastern part of NC (I'm in Char). A friend had a friend who lost almost everything (they lived on the coast & the intensity of the hurricane took everyone by surprise) but she salvaged her Coach bag. It was one of the older ones (the Willis-now the Station bag) but anyway it was nearly ruined from the water that flooded part of her house. Anyway she sent it to Coach with an explanation of what happened to it & the replaced it with a BRAND NEW ONE!!! :yahoo: I couldn't believe it!!! That was one of my earliest experiences with Coach (hearing that story), so I knew right then that SOMETHING could/would have been able to have been done with my mom's wallet.
  5. Yes, I can understand the horror. I feel the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about the time my dh threw away the broken band to his grandfather's Rolex watch that he received as a retirement gift. He thought I was nuts telling him he should never have thrown out a Rolex band, broken or not! That is until the jeweler told him how much a replacement would cost! That happened nearly 20 years ago. But you are a sweet daughter to find her a replacement!
  6. That is a sad and funny story hehehe. I would die if my mom did something like that.
  7. I think it is wonderful that your Mom had that wallet for 8 years! Now she knows (albeit,the hard way) about Coach products and how they stand behind them. I wouldn't beat her up or yourself up, for that matter, life's too short. You are lucky you are able to buy her another one. :yes:
  8. Now I've just started teasing her about it! LOL!! I'm trying to decide which wallet I want to get her as a replacement. She's going to be really surprised b/c I know she doesn't expect it. I'm not usually that good, but I know she was genuinely upset about it! ;)

  9. OMG-threw out a rolex band that went to a retirement gift? I would've fainted dead away on the spot! :p
  10. lol lol lol
  11. LOL...next time I'd buy her a Mundi wallet from Mervyns !
  12. That is sad and funny at the same time! I bet your Mom feels really bad about throwing it away, but you are very kind and generous daughter for giving her a new one! It will be even more special than the one that ripped, I'm sure!
  13. Baad mommy. Good daughter! *runs to call mom to tell her NOT to throw her Coach away*
  14. Oh, this is not going to make you feel any better but...my first handbag was a Coach I bought myself after being hired for my first job. I went and picked out the nicest black leather bag and used it as my only bag for about 2 years, then it got a little worn here and there and because I knew NOTHING about bags or Coach repairing things, yes, I threw it out :wtf:! I did the same thing to a Fendi that was the next beg. Who knew? I'm sure your Mom feels really bad now, it's just that if you really aren't bag-nuts like we are now you probably use the thing to death then on to the next. I bet it was a nice wallet though, the old Coach leather was amazing. P.S. You are a great daughter!!!
  15. Oh I can totally see my mom doing this too... she thinks all my bags come from Target :smile: haha