Let me share my experience with Yoogi's Closet

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  1. Last week I purchased a little LV lovely from Yoogi's Closet. Let me tell you it was a first class shopping experience from start to finish.

    Before I made my purchase, I called Yoogi's to discuss to bag's condition. A helpful, courteous, professional sales associate (Kelsey :winkiss:) got the bag out of stock and addressed each of my questions while she looked over the bag for me. Her assistance was amazing and she is a gem of an associate. (Yoogi, if you are listening, please give this woman a raise! She makes your business rock!) Seriously, it was as if I was looking at the bag myself while she described my areas of concern regarding the bag.

    The bag arrived today and it is absolutely pristine and 100% gorgeous! My heart fluttered in its presence. :hbeat: Really. It's been a while since a bag did that to me! :lol: Let alone a pre-loved bag!

    I look forward to doing business with Yoogi's again and cannot believe it took me this long to make my first purchase from this reputable, first-rate seller.
  2. I agree. They're very good. My first pre-loved was thru them and it came in better condition than they described and still had "the smell." :happydance:
  3. That's great to hear Sheila!
    I have sold to them a couple of times and the transactions went very smoothly.
    Are you going to reveal what you bought? :smile:
  4. Great to hear! I love Yoogi.
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    Oops, yeah, I guess that would make sense! LOL. :lol:

    Here she is my Limited Edition Black Monogram Motard Afterdark Clutch Bag from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Marc Jacobs collaborated with artist Richard Prince to produce this elegant clutch. The handle can be carried or folded over to create the clutch. Its made of the most amazing plush suede that is embroidered with the LV logos and fleurs and buttery leather and lined in black silk. Sorry, I just took a quick photo...this bag is stunning in real life.
  6. Glad to hear this! Thank you for this post. I often find myself browsing their site, so hopefully I will order something one of these days! :smile:
  7. Reveal Time :graucho:
  8. Thanks nessie! This bag deserves better photos and perhaps this weekend I will do a proper photoshoot.
  9. Its soo pretty! I just seen u did take a photo :smile:
    I just wanna reach out n touch it! :girlsigh:
  10. i love yoogi's closet.
    i recently purchased a small ring DE agenda and a insolite wallet with hot pink on the inside.
    both items look amazingly new and like someone else said, it still had the smell.

    they are my first pre loved items and i would order from them again.

    congrats on your item.
  11. Yes, Yoogi is the best! Congrats on your lovely clutch!
  12. Good to hear nice comment on a resale place. I have never sold a bag or bought a pre loved bag. I do look all the time, so nice to know it was a pleasant experience. Congrats on bag
  13. I thought I saw a couple of new additions in your siggy. Great choice from Yoogis, I love that website and check it daily, mostly evenings as that seems to be when they add new items. I have purchased from them 3 or 4 times and each time the item came better than described. I don't even look at other resell sites.
  14. Yoogis is a pretty good site, better than other resellers IMO.
  15. sounds great! congrats!