Let me see your wallets :) need help deciding

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  1. I need a wallet, never really carried one but it's time. Show me yours (please tell me model) and why you like it. Help me decide who to bring home ;)
  2. love my Sarah OM wallet. Why? It is perfect for all what you need. I think the new model have a lot more card slots. My have 10. For me is enough. I love the division of sarah and the pushbutton. So I get very fast and easy on my cards and money. I want a smaller wallet for all days and for my little purses. But Sarah is the one for me. Good luck

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  3. Thanks :smile: love that pic

  4. I have this wallet in DE and love it. Card slots were a bit tight at first which I found annoying, but they have since loosened up nicely and are perfect! Nice organization and perfect size, fits most of my main cards. The rest I put in the pocket inside.
  5. With Sarah I have no problem with card slots, not at first, never. But my Victorine, new model that I bring back, the card slots are so tight - not normal.

    OP: Please, for big wallets, if you want more card slots look at Sarah or a big Zipper. What you prefer (zipper or botton - for me botton). Or the Emilie is smaller than Sarah, have 4 card slots and many fresh colors inside. Love this style too.
  6. full size wallet (yet slim): emilie in DE
    4 card slots for most used cards, the rest to put in the large pockete at the back.

    small wallets: empreinte cles if you don't mind folding your bills.

    why not go to the boutique to see personally? there are so many choices. and LV wallets are really durable...
  7. Full size - Zippy
    Compact - Elise (discontinued, similar to Anais) and Compact Curieuse
    Small - Empriente Cles

    My current favorite daily wallet is the Cles and I realized that's all I need. So the rest are being rested.....

    Favourite traveling wallet is the Elise. Small enough yet fits a lot.
  8. Full size - Zippy I really don't need a wallet this big anymore.

    Full size slim- Clemence my favorite full size

    Compact-small-easy Empriente Cles my very favorite. Bought my Clemence after using this for a year and after a month moved back into the Empriente. It fits so many cards and folded bills. I even travel with it because it's quick and easy. Now my beautiful Clemence RB just sits in the drawer. It's sad. I keep thinking I should move back into it for a little while but just can't seem to do it.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm torn between the compact shape and the longer zippy. I think the longer ones would fit my smaller bags.
    I do have a lot of cards but have the card case from years ago that has the clear sleeves and fan folds out. LV has ordered new sleeves for me as the old ones were pretty gross