Let me see your Citta Giocos :)

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  1. i'm really curious what print placements are out there! i noticed that a lot of bags either have like all sky or all of the highway parts with the little cars and such :graucho:
  2. Here's mine - I love it! The cars and planes and Super Boy are my favorite parts.

  3. I think I may have already said this on another thread, but your Citta Gioco is SO similar to mine, both front & back.
  4. cute!

    and see o.o cars on back and front. ive never seen one with like cars on the front and the air scene in the back :huh: you think they do that on purpose to make it look even?
  5. I don't know why, but I just love that little pink pig hot-air balloon! :balloon:
  6. He's my favorite too. Gets me every time!
  7. i like the little monkey on the building xD its a cute version of king kong
  8. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad they did - I just love this Citta Gioco - it's one bag I'll never trade (except for a Foresta BV with perfect placement :graucho:).
  9. Fun! I'd love to see pics of yours.
  10. OK, here it is.
    CittaGioco_front.JPG CittaGioco_back.JPG
  11. Wow - it's crazy how similar they are! Yours just has the print slightly higher in the back. :yes:
  12. You ladies have my perfect print placement! I love the cars!
  13. Here is a pic of the back of my Citta Gioco. I wasn't able to upload the pic of the front. It is ok, the front and back pretty much have the same scene.
  14. I have a citta rosa gioco. If you'd like to see it even though it's rosa, let me know I'll take a pic of it! :graucho:

    gabes mommy - I can't see your pics. I wonder why..
  15. please do :smile: i love see what different print placements there are