Let Me See Your "Battered" LV!

  1. So most of the time we see perfectly brand spanking new LV items. What I really wanna see, hehe, is your daily users! Show me the stuff that holds your keys, the coin areas of your wallets after a year, your hardware. The stuff you don't put into dust bags when you're using them (i'm guilty) and the handbags that lie around on your kitchen table or bedroom totally UN-BABIED!

    I'm tired of babying my LV! I look at my amarante more than i use it, but i'm afraid of ruining it so, I wanna see if luxury can withhold everyday use from those of you who do use yoru lv's everyday already.

    Please prove to me that LV is really durable!

    *please put how long you used it for and the frequency. If you've used something for a while and still see minimal wear post it too =) to prove to me LV CAN be durable/low maintanence!
  2. Whe I got my MV cles - I thought - "to heck with it!" excuse my harsh language ;)
    I wanted to use it all the time and not have to worry about the condition or anything - so I use it as a daily keychain, it bumps into my dirty car, I throw it in my bag atwork - it evn has bite marks (not sure if they're mine or the baby's).
    It's still super clean but the patina is getting dark -- and the zipper pull is fading.
    lv 041.jpg lv 043.jpg
  3. great topic!
  4. CUTE topic! I'll contribute soon!
  5. I used my cerise cles as soon as I got it (can't remember the year of release) but have had to stop because the cherries are really starting to wear off and since it was my first LV I kinda wanna leave it alone :sad:

    The inside is getting kinda grubby aswell cos of the coins lol
    DSC02803.JPG DSC02804.JPG DSC02805.JPG
  6. Sorry, I can't contribute to this thread.....
    I don't let my LVs get to that point !!!!!
  7. I use my mocha Epi wallet every day and don't baby it. It's a couple of years old and doesn't look much different than the day it was bought.
  8. Nyria I love your cles. I always thought that a white MC would look terrible with dark patina but your MC looks really great.
  9. I am with you!