Let me peek at your picotin

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    Inspired by piaffe, I'd love to see in action pix of you ladies with your Picotin. I'm currently trying to decide if a Picotin works for me. I think Piaffe looks so incredibly chic above and would love to see more ideas on how you wear yours. I'm so sorry if there is another thread like this but I wasn't able to find it.
  2. Wow, can't believe I've inspired YOU!!:smile:

    It's such a shame that the tPF search function is still down. The only reason I decided on a picotin - and fell in love with it - was because I stumbled on a thread with pictures, and was prompted to search through some of the great picotin threads that other tPFers have started. There are some fabulous action shots out there - I too would love to see them again!
  3. You look just gorgeous!:flowers:
    Darn, that search function. Can't wait till it's back up and running!
  4. I was never really into Picotin but I just saw a very chic lady carrying one vert anis picotin yesterday and all of a sudden fell in love with it!!!

    And here I saw your new thread...

    Piaffe, can you please tell me what size your picotin is? The lady I saw yesterday had it on her shoulder instead of her arm.

    The second question is, what is the current retail price for it?

  5. Are there two or three sizes of it? There were a column of them displayed in the Madison Ave store this week - I thought some of them looked smaller than your's Piaffe, but I also have seen a large one with a shoulder strap.
  6. There are three sizes PM, MM, and GM. PM and MM are hand carry and GM can get on the shoulder.
  7. RC, you would look great with a Picotin! They come in PM, MM, GM and TGM. I adore the Picotin!
  8. I do have a MM but haven't worn it yet. I think I'll give it a try today.
    I can get the MM and the GM on my shoulder in a pinch but found that they were both more comfortable for me handheld or on the crook of my arm--the MM because the straps are a bit short to comfortable wear on the shoulder except if you are just wearing a t and the GM because the base was so large, it was a bit awkward for me.
    I've never seen the one with the shoulder strap.
    Will post pix later!
  9. RC- A great decision to keep your Picotin MM. I love mine:heart:
  10. Such gorgeous bags and ladies!! A picotin would definitely work for you RC.
  11. Oh, thanks for posting a picture. I didn't realize you had an ebene as well!
  12. Oh ladies, ladies, ladies I'm so excited! Some time in Feb. I will be getting my picotin!!! You all look fab!!! Keep the pictures coming!

    This is me:nuts: doing this:happydance:! I can't wait!!
  13. Here you go rockerchic, mine's MM gold clemence, I'm 5'6" on a good day but closer to 5'5" or 1.65m if the truth be told, lol. I think there's not a lot between the PM size and the MM size, if I were to get another Picotin, I would probably go for a barenia PM so it would be just a little different to the one I own. I tried on a GM and thought it was a bit too big for me:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    bbq3020607.jpg bbq2020607.jpg pico2.jpg pico3.jpg july07fondationmaeght.jpg
  14. ^^Thanks AAN! You look gorgeous!
  15. It's a GM - but I'm a big girl - 5'11 (and currently pregnant)... more photos here:


    I love the picotin!! So simple, but it can dress up or down beautifully.