Let me introduce you to my Paddie Shoulder Bag.....

  1. ...arrived today!

    It is the new style Paddington small shoulder bag in Bleu Nuit. The photo actually makes it look a lot shinier than it actually is IRL, I think that's the flash on my camera. The leather is more scrumptious and almost a little bit crinkled, and although this is described as bleu nuit, the colour is more "midnight", with no real blue in it. But it's not as dense as black.

    It's going out with me tonight for cocktails!
  2. Congrats! It's gorgeous!:drool:
  3. Great bag! Enjoy your outing.
  4. gorgeous, love it.
  5. Congrats! She's a cutey! I am really liking that style in the new paddy capsule collection.
  6. She is really lovely! Congrats! Have a great night :tup:
  7. What a beauty--congrats!!!
  8. Adorable! Congrats :heart:
  9. Gorgoues...I am soooo jealous!
  10. It's gorgeous!!!! :drool: What's the size like? I think I might have to get one....and that colour is TDF!
  11. Thanks guys!

    It's about 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep - a really good size for a night out or something lighter to carry for a days shopping. It holds purse, phone, make-up, easy.

    Right I'm off to find some hangover food after having one too many celebratory Cosmopolitans last night!
  12. Sorry - got so caught up looking that I forgot to say how delicious your bag is....

    I'm off to drink too much Pimms.
  13. Oooooo gorgeous.
  14. Any chance you have pix of you carrying the handbag? How long is the shoulder strap. It is beautiful.....
  15. Congrats! She's a beauty... you've got a purse to die for!